Ubuntu 12.04 image restore problem

  • Hi,

    I spent almost a month testing fog server to deploy Ubuntu 12.04 but there is no success till now. Please read below and let me where em off the track.

    1: I fog 0.32 installed on both 10.04, The image is uploaded successfully and even restored successfully on client (apart from one error which is something like “sda2 missing dlp2”), the image is restored and once the restore process is complete, the system restarts and then after wards keeps restarting. just a bios screen and then again bios screen and keeps looping.

    the image I am using is Ubuntu 12.04, two partitions 1: / which is 10 GB EXT3, 2: /swap which is 2 GB,
    Em NOT having /boot partition. In my fog server images i got d1.mbr and d1p1.img. The PCs are hp compaq desktop.

    i read somewhere in this forum that it is something related to MBR or GRUB, if so, can someone please advice me how to address these problems?

    please advice.

  • Try 0.33b? I have tried implementing a checking solution for the grub part. That said, 0.32 only supported ext3 disks, nothing higher. 0.33 should support ext4 at least.

    Please bare in mind, though, that we don’t know every possibly outcome of every imaging job. We are doing this all on our free time. So making this a “Perfect” solution is the goal, but we need far more testing and assistance/coding experience to make that a possibility.

  • yea its grub :S Thanks Tom.

    I have sorted it through installation/reconfigure grub. did this via booting it through live cd.

    Not impressive caz its an additional task for me to do infact I wanted fog for automation and make my life easy.

    Any way out???

  • robile,

    This issue is probably due to Grub. Since I believe Ubuntu 12.04 started using grub 2, my belief is that this is the error. The fix for this is to use a rescue disk and repair the grub installation. Somewhere on the forums somebody listed the steps for this. If I find the post I’ll try to update this post so you have the information needed.