• I run a FOG server that was installed by a previous technician that has about 30-40 images. We have began to have a problem with the images beginning deployment and then stopping on a random percent on most images. There are never any errors to go off of on the screen or logged in FOG, and I’ve ensured that permissions are wide open for the images. The only things I can think that have gone wrong are maybe a corrupt SQL DB or corrupt images, but I’m not familiar with SQL enough to know where to look, and don’t know how to check the image files. I’ve kind of been tipped off by another forum thread to run the installation package again so that everything is reinstalled, but I’m worried that it would wipe the images, clear the database, or delete some config that I wouldn’t be able to find other than the IPs it asks for at installation. We also have an NFS server that hold some images for extra space, I’ve yet to figure out how that works.

    Please help, this is something we use almost everyday to reimages machines for employees and students.

  • Developer

    SQL Database.

  • BPSTravis:
    When you say ‘export images’ and ‘export hosts’, are you talking about backing up and restoring the SQL database? Or is this a separate function?

    I’m using 0.32 and plan on staying with it for now.

  • Developer

    yes, you should be able to create a new install, then create the image profiles for your images, and use an ftp client to upload your images to the server. if you use fog 0.33b then you will need to set image type to “partimage” for your old images from prior version of fog

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    I have exported my images table and imported it to another server, just keep the image names on the hdd the same and you won’t have to change anything.

    Don’t forget to export your hosts and import them again.

  • So with SQL, if I do a fresh install of Ubuntu and then of FOG, can I create a new SQL database during installation, restore my backed-up images, and then just make ‘New Image’ entries in FOG and tell it where the file is located?

  • Thanks BPSTravis, unfortunately, I don’t think the last guy set it up, if he did, I have no idea where it’s at. If I reinstall Ubuntu, I sure do plan on placing some sort of backup system in place.

  • Another thing, the server that is running these is running RAID 5 and it doesn’t see anything wrong with the disks.

  • Developer

    Were there any backups of your images on other systems/storage solutions??

    If not i’d recommend implementing backup going forward. As for checking their integrity you can only do that if you have a “known good” version of the original. As it’s likely yours are corrupted you will need to test deploying them and checking which ones will not complete, then delete/re-upload the corrupted images

  • What could I do to check the integrity of the file system and disks in Ubuntu? I’m decent at getting around and operating in Linux, I took a few classes in college for it, but I have no idea where to even start to look for utilities such as these. I’m thinking about backing up everything FOG related and wiping the server and starting with a fresh Ubuntu install, that would tell me if the images are corrupt, but that is definitely last on my list of things to do for now. I found a decent guide tell me what you think: [url]http://community.spiceworks.com/how_to/show/2631-moving-a-fog-server-to-new-hardware[/url]

    But for sure let me know if there’s anything I can use to check the files.

  • This sounds like it’s a corrupted filesystem. Maybe the disks that contain your images are corrupted? Maybe damaged?

  • 😞