How do I Deploy the .img uploaded via the PXE Menu?

  • Dedicated Linux box
    OS: Ubuntu 12.10 (because i couldn’t get Fog 0.32 working on any of the others without issues)
    Fog: 0.32

    Test Machine
    Running Virtual Box to create images.

    After uploading the image to fog, how can i deploy the image via the PXE menu?

  • There are multiple methods to “deploy” an image to.

    The first, and most notorious method to deploy the image is to schedule the task through the FOG Web GUI. Simple login to the FOG GUI and choose the Host management page. Locate your host either by searching or from the list of hosts, select basic task and choose deploy, confirm and you’re set.

    The second method is to perform, more or less, the same thing from the Task Page. On the task page, choose list of all hosts, or search for your host and click the down arrow to schedule the task.

    The third method is to use a group to deploy the tasks. Using basically the same steps from the host management page, make sure your host is within the relevant group and deploy the task.

    The last method, from the top of my head, is as you would like. From the PXE Menu, choose Quick Image. It will load into the the init file and request a username and password. Use the username and password you use to login to the FOG Web GUI. It should schedule the task and reboot the system. Once rebooted your task should begin.

    Hope this helps.