Unable to start task: Unable to located master node from storage group

  • I’m running Fog 0.32 and I’ve added a remote storage node to a storage group, and marked it as the master node for that group. This remote storage node is acting as the TFTP server for the remote network, and I have successfully registered a single host using a PXE image served by this storage node.

    However, when I try to tell the host to upload an image using the fog management node, I get an error: “Unable to start task Unable to located master node from storage group”. The storage group selected under the image is the group with the remote storage node, which I have verified is set as the master node. I can see the amount of storage available on the remote storage node on the main fog management screen, so I’m not sure what the issue is.

    How should I proceed? Thanks for any assistance.

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    Glad we got you back on track!

    It’s hard for me to step away from FOG, I’m just so pleased with it and the direction we are heading, I’m just trying to get some others interested as well 🙂

  • Okay, so I made some mistakes (and hopefully I can keep someone else from making the same mistakes):

    []The reason I couldn’t get the task to start was because I had “Max Clients” set to 0 under the storage node. I had thought that 0 was unlimited, but it looks like 0 literally means 0. My mistake.
    ]After fixing #1, the task would start but the image client would boot and then immediately fail to start the task. I removed the fog directory on the storage node (/opt/fog), removed the node and group from the fog management screen, then re-installed fog with fogstorage for the mysql user and the password shown under “Other Information >> Fog Settings >> Fog Storage Nodes” in the management interface. The first time I had set up fog on the storage node, I had created a new mysql user on the management node with a different password, which I now realize was wrong. My mistake again.
    After fixing those two mistakes and following the guide listed by Jaymes, I’m now able to successfully image remote clients. It’s been so long since I’ve set up Fog, I’ve forgotten how to do everything, but I’m glad to see this community is still active! 😄

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    hi, you may want to take a look here ->


    this explains how to use multiple TFTP servers and how to properly set up your Storage Node, the files that need to be edited, and the information need to replace it with.