• What is the best way to back up my images?

    Right now, I have Ubuntu, FOG, and the image store all on a single 500GB drive. I really would like to back all of this up to a storage server. I have a network share running on Server 2008 R2… Would it be possible to back the images up to there?

  • I back all of the images to another FOG server using rsync; worked very well via crontabs

    [CODE]sudo rsync -azvv -e ssh root@* /images/[/CODE]

    You have to ssh at least ONCE to the source FOG so that the certificate gets added; then it works with no interaction

  • Something like this ?
    [CODE]mkdir /backup ; mount -o username=login //2008R2SERVER/bakcupshare /backup ; rsync -a /images/ /backup/images [/CODE]

  • Developer

    It depends on what you mean by back up. You can “store” the image stores there and you can add them back to the FOG server as you need them, so the data is there and what not, but while they are being stored on another server they will not be able to be accessed, if you want to be able to store and access the images, you need to set up a node.