• When I click on “List All Hosts” in the web mangement GUI it doesn’t list anything, it just spins for awhile then stops. But if I do a search for computers they do show up that way. But its a pain because I have computer names by building, then by staff or student so I only get a certain percentage of the computers doing it that way.

    Is there any suggestions on how I can fix this? I am running FOG .32 on Ubuntu 11

  • Thank you soooooo very much! Its all working now 🙂

  • did you put the semicolon in at the end
    [B]delete from hosts where hostName=‘yourhostname’;[/B]

  • I did that and all I get is a blinking -> symbol; does this mean its n the process of deleting all the instances of this hostname and if that isnt what it means is there another way I can delete them?

  • open up terminal and enter:
    [B]sudo mysql -u root[/B]
    [B]use fog[/B]
    [B]delete from hosts where hostName=‘yourhostname’;[/B]

  • I have figured out the issue but do not have a clue how to fix it. Somehow the host name of one computer is in my fog database over 50,000 times. I cant do a search and delete it from the web management and I do not know how to delete it from the actual server. Can anyone help?