Multi File Snapins

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    When deploying programs with multiple files, the suggested solution on the wiki is to use SFXMaker or InstallRite. Below is what I have done to handle these using two scripts: one that you can download below, and the other which you will create.

    The concept is that this script is passed arguments detailing the network location of a zip file, what folder that zip file makes, what type of installer it is (exe, msi, batch) and any arguments it requires.

    To use this setup, you will need to make a network folder that is accessible by all users. This folder should contain your zip files of installers, the attached script file, and 7za.exe (which can be downloaded here: [URL=‘’][COLOR=#1155cc][/COLOR][/URL] and is the [FONT=Verdana][COLOR=#000000]7-Zip Command Line Version. [/COLOR][/FONT]In addition, you will need to update the attached script, replacing [B]\SERVER[/B][B]NetworkDeployment_PATH[/B] with your actual location.

    [B]Making the Snap-In[/B]
    To use this snap-in script, you will need to make a batch file for each program you wish to deploy. The batch file should copy over UniversalZippedNetworkDeployment.cmd and provide the required arguments, which are:

    [B]zipName[/B] – the name of the zip file that contains your installer
    [B]installerType[/B] – the type of installer. Acceptable values are [B]“exe”[/B], [B]“msi”[/B] and [B]“batch”[/B]
    [B]installerPath[/B] – the folder that the installer file is located (usually it is in the root of the folder that the zip created)
    [B]installerAndArguments[/B] – the installer’s file name and any addition arguments

    A sample script for Office 2003 would be

    [CODE]@Echo off

    Echo Transferring Universal Zipped Network Deployment…
    copy \SERVER\NetworkDeployment_PATH\UniversalZippedNetworkDeployment.cmd UniversalZippedNetworkDeployment.cmd

    Echo Running Script
    cmd.exe /c UniversalZippedNetworkDeployment.cmd “exe” “Office2003” “SETUP.EXE TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-”

    Echo Finished[/CODE]

    [B]Adding it to FOG[/B]
    To add your new snap-in to FOG, you will want to set the Snapin File to be the batch file you just created, the Snapin Run With to be [B]c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe[/B] and the Snapin Run With Arguments to be [B]/c[/B]