New Kernel copies in raw mode

  • Are you using the stock init.gz file from 0.32 or did you or somebody use (and/or) build a custom init.gz?

  • Hello again,

    Yes, just checked the file and imgType=mps

  • Changing the Drives isn’t going to help out at all. If you were to take the drive from the TMP453 and put it into the TMP255, I’ll bet it also loads as raw.

    If you can check the /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/01-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX file and check the imgType= to verify that it’s truly set for mps.

  • Hello Tom,

    The image is setup for “Second is mps which is for Multi-part Single Disk Non-resizable.”
    Like I said, if I upload it on the TMP453, then it works 100% and is NOT raw

  • The image for the TMP255, what type of image is it set up for?

    I’m guessing it’s setup for raw, which would be why it’s trying to upload as raw.

    I’d check it because the kernel doesn’t determine image type for upload operations.

    There are 4 types:

    First is n which is for Single Disk-Resizable.
    Second is mps which is for Multi-part Single Disk Non-resizable.
    Third is mpa which is for Multi-Part Multi Disk non-resizable.
    Fourth is dd (raw) transfer.

  • error message "[I][I]tg3 0000: eth0: Failed to load firmware “tigon/tg357766.bin[/I]” " [/I]disappeared

    Everything else is the same. To clarify upload, it says “detect file system…raw” which should say "…ntfs. When I install this hard drive from the TMP255 into the TMP453, then it says ntfs and uploads the image flawlessly. Now it still tries to upload 465.76 GB on 1.08 GiB / min. [I]
    [/I]I am now currently using acronis home, to deploy 1 machine per session, which takes 21 minutes 😞

  • Thanks a lot Tom, I will download and test the updated kernel now.

    I have no raid setup. And I am using FOG 0.32.

  • [url][/url] should contain the tigon firmware your system is requesting.

  • cyberion,

    Is the filesystem you have setup in a software raid setup? I ask because of the /dev/md0 being created. This may explain why it’s loading as raw. The file systems aren’t syncing together to give you the accurate file information you’re needing.

    Also, it’s not the kernel that’s causing it to go to RAW mode directly. What version of FOG are you using?

    I will rebuild my kernel with the tigon/tg357766.bin file if I can find it within the linux-firmware directory so you should have access to that network adapter.

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  • So I tried that, with the work around. The image seems to upload and download fine on the TMP453, but not one the TMP255. When I download the image to the TMP255 with the new Kernel as described in the first post, then it just images the first partition and skips the other 4 partitions. Here are my error messages :

    [I]esas2r driver will not be loaded because no ATTO esas2r devices were found 12c-parport-light: adapter type unspecified[/I]

    [I]tg3 0000: eth0: Failed to load firmware “tigon/tg357766.bin”[/I]

    [I]Warning: Error Fsyncing/closing /dev/md0: input/output error.[/I]

    [ Please wait…

    Image restored ] x 4 (which does not deploy the image)