New Kernel copies in raw mode

  • So I had a similar issue to the post in :

    “More than 8 outputs detected”

    So I [U]used the Kernel in that link[/U]. It works, BUT it uploads / downloads everything in RAW mode and it doesn’t make a new file for each partition on the fog server. It makes one file and when it copies it, it somehow displays the FULL size of the partition (465 GB) in data to be copied. The original paritions are a total of about 45 - 50 GB. The fog upload makes a image of 37GB.

    The machine I am using is a Acer TravelMate P255-M-54204G50, 500 GB SATA UEFI, W8, 64 BIT, BIOS InsydeH20 V2.06, Network BRCM HBA 0100 v15.4.2

    Currently the deployment is slow or (36 GiB / 465 GiB). Will this speed up at one point ? It says 2 hours remaining 😞 All my previous images take 20 minutes or less to deploy.

    What do I need to do to make this go as fast and good and reliable it used to ?

    Do I need to run a program on the TM hard drive that someone flags the 0 bytes not to be used so the fog program only copies actual data blocks ?

    How do I get it to copy the other partitions ?

    How do I get it not to copy in “raw” mode ? (as I specified , multiple partition single disk)

    Quick help will be highly appreciated , as I need to image 150 and have them done by next week Thursday 😄

    I am now busy working on a work around :

    I will install the HDD that I need to be imaged to the previous Acer model, the TMP453-M. This one worked before with my the older kernel I had.First, I will remove the new kernel and then copy back my backup old kernel. Then I will simply let it upload and then assign the Capone Association to the TMP255. Then I will re-copy the new kernel back and start deployment of the image onto the TMP255s over the network. Should work - hopefully 😄

    I also defragged my drive and ran chkdsk and also defrag on the the free space on it.

  • Sorry I wasn’t able to help much further.

  • Thank you, will see what I can do.;)

  • Well, you may have to remove all information from the drive, or pull the image from the other system, then try to deploy it to this one.

    Uploading the image, with the drive in GPT mode will not work at all.

  • Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately the TM does not have the option 😞 One can only change from legacy to UEFI mode Boot Mode, but in UEFI it will not allow to boot from Network. Legacy mode then we have the EFI partition problem 😞

  • So can you disable EFI on the TM 255?

  • Thank you. Only seeing one disk with only one EFI GPT partition:
    Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System
    /dev/sda1 1 60802 488386583+ ee EFI GPT

  • fdisk -l

  • Ok, let me know what commands I should run (debug mode)

  • Can you load the system into debug, whether from the “upload - debug” or the actual debug mode?

    I want to have you run some commands on the system to try obtaining some more information.

  • [CODE]# Created by FOG Imaging System

    DEFAULT send

    LABEL send

    kernel fog/kernel/bzImage

    append initrd=fog/images/init.gz root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=127000 ip=dhcp dns= type=up img=testtest imgid=65 mac=2x:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx storage= web= ignorepg=1 osid=5 pct=5 imgType=mps shutdown=on loglevel=4 consoleblank=0 fdrive= chkdsk=0[/CODE]

  • Cyberion,

    While I’ve been trying kernels, I don’t think that’s what’s causing the issue in your particular case. I think this because if it was the kernel, you’d be seeing the SAME results on the TMP453 system. The kernel doesn’t determine the imaging type, the image type does.

    Can you create a task, don’t start the system, and take a look at the file created for the task?

    The file should be located in /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/

    It will follow suit as:
    [code]01-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX[/code] Where the X’s represent the system’s MAC Address. If you can past the contents of the file here (less the mac address if you want) so I can take a look at the build of it.

  • Hello Tom,

    Many thanks for your help so far. Unfortunately, that Kernel made no difference. Would it be possible for you to send me the firmware of the tigon ? Or to give me a link where I can download / find it ? Thanks in advance

  • Just built 3.13.4 kernel. Removed “raid” modes.

    Please give this one a shot on your TM 255 machine and let me know if you can.


  • Well the TMP453 has that option. It has AHCI and IDE. Other Acer laptops even have the RAID option and the other two options. But this new TMP255 only has AHCI. I just updated the BIOS on this unit to see if it makes any difference … and …it did not. Detects file system as raw and starts.

  • That doesn’t make any sense that you can change the “mode” of the sata controller. It defeats the purpose of even displaying the option.

    Let me do some research.

  • The TM255 sata setup is set up for AHCI , IDE mode is not available on this model , neither is RAID.

  • I can’t really modify the 3.8.8 kernel stuff. However, I can remove the “RAID” part of the 3.13.3. What bothers me though, is that it shouldn’t be trying to build a RAID if one hasn’t been setup. Is the TM255 sata setup for RAID, AHCI, or IDE?

  • I just had an idea : What if , you would modify the Kernel of the one that was 12872000 bytes , the Kernel-3.8.8.core and insert the firmware for the tigon of the TM255 ?

  • Yes, we are using the stock init.gz and no one has modified it.