FOG setup without PXE/DHCP, custom boot disks

  • I need to setup FOG, without having to install dhcp/pxe on the fog server or modifying the network dhcp server in place. Can i achieve this by creating custom boot disks, that point the booted client to the fog server for imaging?

    I’m know that hte whole point of fog, is to not have to use bootable media, but that is the environment im in. If this can be done, it will be a big win.

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    If you do not have an existing PXE server and cannot modify your existing DHCP server, you can install proxyDHCP so FOG answers all DHCP client requests for PXE boot information with the information necessary to boot to FOG. Using proxyDHCP, your existing DHCP server handles all the IP address leases, but FOG also answers requests from PXEClient with additional information to allow them to boot.

    There are some patches to FOG created by the community that allow you to select which HD/partition to image. Search the forums because I don’t remember right now.

  • correct, i cant modify the existing dhcp server options to add the pxe file and next server option. Is there a way to create a boot cd image that I can load and just have it go straight to the fog server? what do you recommend?

    Also, I only want to image the OS drives, is there a way to tell fog, just to image /dev/sda? Does fog detect logical drivers? Sorry, I figure i would ask since your on. I need fog to image several HP Server blades, HP DL xxx servers, most has san attached, but i only need to backup the OS drives for disaster recovery. We have an existing solution, but the licensing kills it. Any help is appreciated.

  • PXE, in and of itself, does not need to have DHCP Server installed.

    You can install FOG without DHCP Server and have little to no issues.

    Do you not want PXE because you can’t add Options to the DHCP Server or is there already a PXE Server?

    I Understand that environments can be rather unforgiving, but I don’t think there’s any easy way to perform this methodology. Then again, I’ve never had to.