• Hi All,

    i have been having some real fun with these new machines, although i have had similar work before (i think the difference is only in usb 3).

    i have tried 4 different machines all running windows 7.

    1. installed all software syspreped… (4 partitions out of the box) would not upload using single partition resizable.

    2 clean install of win 7 deleted all partitions (2 remain) uploaded fine using single disk multi partition.

    when i try to deploy the image it seems to deploy the first partition fine then it stays black get some message relating to 3g ntfs and then it says the the deployment was sucseful and reboots.

    i have tried on 4 machines i can’t even debug i am so confused i am using mastacontrolas latest kernel aswell (i have tried a few others including the kitchen sink.

    any ideas

  • no will try that monday thanks for the reply

  • Have you tried a defrag/chkdsk before uploading?