Storage size under Disk Information wrong

  • Hi everyone,

    I use FOG 0.32 on Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS.

    The RAID 5EE on my FOG server failed, I replaced 3 disks and created a new RAID 6. After partitioning (with cfdisk) and formatting (ext4) my array, the web interface doesn’t show the right storage size under “Disk information”. It should be about 9985 GB, but it only shows 1035 GB.
    If I check the partition size in Ubuntu terminal (fdisk -l), it shows the correct size, so it has to be something with FOG. The settings for FOG haven’t changed. If I remember correctly, someone had a similar problem, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the thread.

    Can someone help?
    Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, thanks. I will use parted now. Apparently using cfdisk to create partitions is not good for me. 😉 😄

  • So you know how to take care of this from here?

  • Sorry, my fault. I thought I had created one partition for the whole array, but apparently the system only created a 1,1 TB partition and left the rest unpartitioned.

  • Check that the storagenode is pointing to the right location.

    When you say it’s not displaying properly, have you verified that the system actually recognizes the right size?

    [code]df -h[/code]

    Is your new drives a part of the root system and is /images supposed to be mounted on it’s own?

  • Hi James,

    thanks, but the path in freespace.php was already correct. In my case the folder is “/images”. The permissions on /images, /dev and .mntcheck are all set to 777.

  • Developer

    Edit the file freespace.php in your web-root (/var/www/fog/status/) (on centos 6 see /var/www/html/fog/status):
    define( “SPACE_DEFAULT_STORAGE”, “/home/fog/images/” );
    You may also need to modify the permissions for the /home/fog directory. It is suggested that you use:
    chmod 701 /home/fog

    Create .mntcheck file in your new “images” and “dev” folders :
    touch .mntcheck

  • Developer

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