• Have you disabled the firewall service on the server just to ensure it’s not the cause of your issues right now?

  • Debian indeed uses rpcbind, but restarting both services did not help. I used wireshark to analyze the network traffic from the moment I created the task to the point where the target machine rebooted after failing to image. The file would be attached, but your forum software refuses to accept it.

  • It should’ve installed with fog, but it’s possible debian uses rpcbind, maybe try:
    [code]sudo service rpcbind restart
    sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart[/code]

  • Hmm I can’t seem to start portmap. Doing so returned an “unrecognized service error”. And whereis fails to locate it as well. Was this something that needed to be installed as part of the Debian or did it come with FOG?

  • If I recall, a lot of your services weren’t running.

    That RPC error is indicative of the nfs service not running if I recall properly.

    Try these commands on your fog server
    [code]sudo service portmap restart
    sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart[/code]

    Then try your system again.