• Hey everyone,


    So i have read the forum about the chainloader and fixed that and I also did a fsck before uploading an image. I also updated the syslinux to 4.04… I am running 12.04 on the server and client ends. Client is set up with swap for sda1, / for sda 2, /boot for sda3, and general storage on sda4. My bios isn’t recognized but I hear that doesn’t matter. I upload an image, swap out drives to another one and then deploy the image. It supposedly deploys the image and then it will restart the computer.

    Main Issue:

    After deploy and restart the computer will go POST, pxe boot, fog menu, then it will say booting and at which point it will restart and cycle through this again and again. I am not sure what is going on as I have followed the other instructions that people have suggested and apparently got no where with them.

    Please Help! Thank you.

  • I am running fog 0.32. I uploaded an image and then I booted the drive, added a folder to desktop, and then deployed the image and when it booted the folder was gone so I believe that there is an image uploaded. Then when I put in the blank drive it does the restarting business.


  • I don’t know.

    I don’t know specifics of your system and setup. What version of FOG are you running? Are you sure there’s actually an image? Did you upload the image, then test deploy?

  • I did try that and it is still rebooting. I am pretty new to this so do I need to use a live cd to fix this issue? also, this is something that will need to be done for all future deploys?

  • Disable PXE BOOT temporarily from the BIOS Options. If it’s still boot looping like that, something else is wrong, like it can’t find a boot disk. (Maybe GRUB?)