• Our fog server died (Ubuntu 10.04, FOG 0.32). I have since rebuilt it on a Ubunto 12.04 system and have my images recovered, but would like to know if it’s possible to recover the computer inventory from the old system, as it represents a ton of work to re-inventory all the systems on the network here. I believe the hard drive is still working, but the OS is hosed. I can have our Linux guru see if he can get it working, but I’m not sure how feasible that is.

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    Like Tom said, recovery of the computer inventory is not really a FOG issue, but more of a mysql recovery issue. You’ll need to look on the mysql documentation for how to recover a database from the files. The method depends on which storage engine the database was using. You can probably look at your current database and assume the old one was using the same engine (InnoDB, MyISAM, etc).

  • If you can, at the very least, get the drive mounted, and know the database is in fine shape, just copy the {mounted hdd}/var/lib/mysql folder to the actual /var/lib/mysql.

    I might be off on ubuntu location but it should be similar.

    Before you do the copy, make sure your current database is not running with: sudo service mysql stop.