• I am unable to create new tasks… when i click either the up or down arrow on the host it loads a semi blank page. I went into my apache2 log and pulled this out of the end… any help would be appreciated. I have done some digging and some people are blaming it on php being to new… I am running a brand new ubuntu 13.10 install I used the information from my other post to get it build UDPCast correctly to get it install. I can PXE boot to the menu i can register and i can tell it to fog… but since I cannot upload images all i can do is deploy images i’ve copied to this from my old FOG.

  • I seem to be suffering from the same problem, although my deployment of FOG is entirely new so I am unable to do much more than register hosts and initiate memtests from the PXE menu.

  • File did not attach to first post and edit isn’t working right on the new firefox?