• I am trying to install a new storage node on a different network (Main– than the main FOG Server according to the instructions at [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Multiple_TFTP_servers[/url].

    However, when I try to run rsync to transfer the tftpboot directory, I can’t connect to the main FOG Server. I can ping the main FOG Server, but rsync and telnet to 837 both time out. PS Aux |Grep rsync shows rsync running and netstat -l shows it’s listening, but no joy.


  • IPTables isn’t, to my knowledge, the firewall that’s running.

    Ubuntu 12.04, to my knowledge, uses ufw for its firewall program. try:
    [code]sudo ufw disable[/code] On both of the boxes and try again. I’m currently installing two Ubuntu 12.04 boxes just to give it a shot as well to help in troubleshooting.

  • Tom,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Both machines are default installs of Ubuntu 12.04 Server. IPtables is installed by default, but the policies are let everything in and everything out, so the firewall shouldn’t be an issue. I verified the firewall setttings.

  • Do you have a firewall turned on on the main?