• I want to configure FOG Server in Linux and I already have DHCP Server, even i going to run FOG host in DHCP but i dont want to make any entry in DHCP for FOG, it’s possible ?

  • Developer

    Regardless if you set up fog as your DHCP, or supply your DHCP server ip address, you still [B]NEED[/B] to supply the information of the next-server (your fog server) to your management console (DHCP server console) and reboot the network so that i can find the “next-server”. You also have to enter the file name that will be loaded on pxe boot.

    3. Set up DHCP (For Windows DHCP)
    []Log onto your Windows DHCP server
    ]Open DHCP console.
    []Right Click Scope Options -> Configure Options
    ]Scroll Down to number 66 check and give the IP of FOGSERVER
    []Scroll down to number 67 check and give the value pxelinux.0
    ]Apply and close.[/code]

    Supplying options 66 and 67 are not OPTIONAL, they are REQUIRED.
    This information came from a walkthrough on the forums, however there are MANY guides to follow to get FOG set up. There is even a different walkthrough on the wiki if you would like to take a look at that.

  • yes you will still have to put in the next server entry if you want the information to forward to your fog server

  • so no need to entry in DHCP Server
    like next-server IP-ADDRS. Right

  • What he’s saying is when the install asks if you want to install dhcp server say no. Then it will ask you to enter the IP of the dhcp server. This should be what you’re trying to do.

  • Am not understood, your saying to set FOG server as DHCP ?

  • Developer

    Yes while setting up FOG you have the opportunity to set up FOG as the DHCP, or supply the DHCP server ip address, or skip entering the DHCP data all together. I would recommend giving FOG the ip address of your DHCP to curb ip address conflicts, but it is ultimately your decision to do so.