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    [LEFT]r944 released. Schema now inserts Windows 8 associations.[/LEFT]

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    You can use SVN, or download the tarball’s I’ve already created, or let sourceforge create them for you.


    Tarball from Sourceforge is at:
    [url]http://sourceforge.net/p/freeghost/code/HEAD/tarball?path=/trunk[/url] It will download as a zip file.

    Tarball from my site is at:

    To checkout through svn perform:

    svn co [url]https://svn.code.sf.net/p/freeghost/code/trunk[/url] fog_0.33b

    Then cd into fog_0.33b directory created and perform normal install procedures.

  • Greetings all,

    I am wondering, where can I download a copy of .33b? I’m eager to do some testing and if I can contribute any to the project I would love to.


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    r943 is out.

    I have some of my own system customizations that may not reach you guys. I’m sorry if this caused confusion.

  • Hi Tom,

    I haven’t been by the fog forums recently and I was delighted to see progress being made on .33. I’m managing 2000+ computer with fog right now, so I will defiantly be testing this out later today. (Not live, mind you. Igor and I shall be in the laboratory! 😉 )


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    r942 out, some minor changes to class files to make things more the same.

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    r941 out.

    With it comes Select/Deselect all in services. Also, no more mass error due to no assigned image to host. It will not prompt you, so if you have no image setup, that’s up to you!.

  • On versions before 0.32 you had to run FOGprep before running sysprep on vista and windows 7. Not needed on version 0.32.

    We still run version 0.29 of init.gz so we still run FOGprep.

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    I agree with Falko, It was to my understanding that before the tweaks were made so that Win 7 and Win 8 could be uploaded you had to use FogPrep before uploading the image.

    Now that we sysprep and the FOG server knows how to handle the partitions, I have not used FOGPrep.

    To be honest I never used it on my XP images either 🙂

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    I think fogprep was used before uploading an image that wasn’t sysprepped. To be honest I a have not used it in the last two years so my memory is kinda vague on this

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    I changed the fog storage (database user) password so it randomly generates a number between 0-1000000 (or something ridiculous like that) so it would have a more secure base line. This password is not the password you should use for TFTP_FTP Password or the Storage node password. That password should be changed, to my knowledge, as you’ve described here with the sudo passwd fog or passwd fog if you’re already in as root. Make sure both spots, one under FOG Configuration->FOG Settings, and the one under your storage node match properly.

    Also, I believe FOG Prep is still okay to use, but if your image is not of the same hardware, the hardware change is to be expected. I’ve never had to actually use FOG Prep where I work so I’m not sure exactly what it does. I do know, if you’re using 0.33b, you’re supposed to sysprep the image before uploading/deploying because that’s a change, I think, Chuck made to start allowing the support of Windows 8.

  • Hi Tom i’ve had that issue with mainmenu.php yesterday, i’ve made a fresh install from SVN repo and found the issue but I didn’t have an account on the forum, so I fixed it on my own hopping someone would report it… 😃
    I’ve also had issues with the FTP account, the fog+randomnumberpassword won’t work out of box, i had to “passwd fog” user and change settings in config files + in FOG webui.
    Now i’m stuck with classic 0xc000000e hardware has changed, is FOGPrep still ok ?

    Keep up the good work!

    Alexandre GAUVRIT

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    r939 is out. With it everything that I accidentally broke from r927~ ish is now fixed. I moved the mainmenu.include.php file and forgot to add it to the commits. Again, I’m still getting used to svn so I’m very sorry. It’s all there now. It got moved from:
    fog/management/includes/mainmenu.include.php to commons/mainmenu.php

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    Damn not only do we get updates almost daily, we can see you obviously spend a lot of time working on this, and we appreciate it!

    Keep up the good Work Tom, time to update my VM as well 🙂

  • I will give it a test 🙂 Great Work tom.

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    Nice Tom, will need to update my vm and test. Can see you have been busy, think I’m on r923 🙂

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    r935 is out.

    I know it’s the little things I keep missing. It actually adds the menu option in FOG Configuration called Configuration save.

    Also, with this, the oui.txt file is now redownloaded before updating the mac list. Hopefully to keep things up to date with new hardware.

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    r934 is out.

    Import and Export is now there under FOG Configuration.

    Hopefully it’s a start.

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    r933 is out.

    It has the export.php file for the exporting of stuff. Just forewarning, I’ve got the base components of configuration export in place as well. To view it, goto:


    It just has export so far and not quite a pretty thing, but please view and suggest.

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    r932 out.

    With it comes Export Hosts, Fixes/Improvements to Printer Management, SnapinManagement, GroupManager.

    It also display’s a primary group now on the hosts.