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    It should, also, fix a Service configuration page issue. It only checked out if the name was working for auto logout, but didn’t send the autologout properly either. We should be good now.

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    I’m back and mastacontrola is back online. Sorry it took so long.

    Just released r1232 to fix the storage part. Sorry I missed that before.

    New asset to the menus. If a host is registered, it gives quick image menu, if it’s not registered presents only the registration menu’s (and capone) It should help limit confusion. You can now tell, by the menu’s, if a host is registered or not. Hopefully we find this useful.

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    Checking out capone after Tom incorporated my changes for ipxe, it looks like the following was missed.

    1. Getting unable to mount images due to missing argument for capone, amended version of /fog/service/ipxe/boot.php attached.
      I’ve also attached an updated version of management/plugins/capone/run.php, it removes the pxe configuration stuff at the end, as it is no longer needed.
      ArchFan, as you say, the PC is not being associated with the image, check your DMI Field and DMI Result setting.


  • I found another error when trying to deploy image. Image still deploys correctly but I get this:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /var/www/fog/lib/fog/Host.class.php on line 839

    Also thank you for all your help and hard work on this.

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    It’ll be a little before I can look into this. Sorry.

  • Hello,

    Just for report:

    I make a fresh install of the last revision on debian 7:
    the /opt/fog/service/FOGMulticastManager/FOGMulticastManager is not executable on install .
    I have to make a chmod +x

    and when i start the service i have this warming:
    filesize(): stat failed for /opt/fog/log/multicast.log in /opt/fog/service/common/functions.php on line 24.

    litte bug with the page Service Configuration
    When you click on a a service (exemple auto logout) the graphic page is not present only text and box.


  • Has anyone else tried r1231 using the new ipxe capone option? I configured Capone to associate one of our images with a specific laptop model. Everything looks good there. When booting to the ipxe menu, the Capone Deploy option is there, I choose it, and all looks good until I get ‘An error has been detected. No image definition was found for 0KU184’. I take that to mean something is going on and preventing it from associating the DMI info with the image I specified. I’ll take a closer look tomorrow and look again to see if it’s something I’ve done - it’s the first I’ve used capone…time for bed

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    r1231 released.

    With this release comes capone automated menu generation in iPXE.

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    Well spotted.

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    I see the file, you meant base.inc.php huh?

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    What is basic.inc.php?

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    Attached are the changes to add capone into the ipxe menu.
    There is no longer a requirement to copy and paste entries for the pxe menu.
    3 files.


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    You shouldn’t need to have it enabled. I can’t help the submenu error, maybe turn off error reporting into the browser?

  • I don’t have it enabled should I? Only have one location for images.

    Also noticed another warning when I click on storage management then storage node. Only have one. It has the message above side menu:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in/var/www/fog/lib/fog/SubMenu.class.php on line 107

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    r1230 released to fix this issue. Sorry I forgot to set the Storage Group variable if the location plugin is not in use.

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    Found the error, I’m guessing you haven’t enabled the Location Plugin then huh?

  • Now when I try and deploy snapins I get the error

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /var/www/fog/lib/fog/Host.class.php on line 595

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    r1229 released.

    Should fix Imaging Log issue reported by Lee. It also sorts out the dates properly now.

    Thank you,

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    r1228 released.

    Should fix the snapin bug reported. It also adds checking. If performing a single snapin and the snapin you choose to deploy already exists, it will throw an error stating that the task couldn’t be created as the snapin task already exists.

    If the single snapin is deployed, but you don’t choose a snapin, it automatically sends all snapins that are deployed to it. Will work on making this the same in the task management page as well.

    Fixed an issue on the task page, from active snapins canceling the task didn’t work, it should now.

    Fixes tabbed issue, again and properly now, for location field during registration.

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    I see that this is a bug and am currently looking into it. Should be fixed shortly.

    Thank you for reporting it.