• r1273 released.

    Fixes an issue with the capone menu not generating the storage information. Sorry, I was hasty in getting the class file created, I forgot to add the variables it was looking for. This should be fixed now.

    Thank you,

  • r1272 released.

    Only thing adjusted for this release is the boot.php file. I’ve moved the components from base.inc.php to BootMenu.class.php in lib/fog/

    The boot.php file uses this now to get the taskings.

    Quickimage is truly quick now in that after you setup the tasking, it will start the task directly after. No more reboot for quick image from menu. Quick delete is also quick in that it will delete the host and return you to the menu without reboot.

    Hopefully you all enjoy.

  • r1271 released.

    Some minor changes have been made. First important one is undionly.kpxe will keep retrying dhcp until it get’s a valid dhcp address. If you’re using virtualbox on 4.3.6, chances are you will have to power down the system for it to obtain a valid IP. Otherwise, all should be fine.

    Hardware Information (when you click on the disk space graph) should now display the appropriate node information. I also added a side menu that displays the node information such as name, path, and ip address.

    Thank you,

  • r1270 released.

    Shutdown options are now added to the capone plugin.

  • Just remember, it works, but limited. You still have to repair the boot up once complete. I haven’t found a means to get this working yet.

  • Great news Tom, appreciate the hard work!

    time for testing windows 8 64bit 🙂

  • jbsclm, I will most likely add these items in the next release as I had to recover my systems for a minute there.

    r1267 released.

    With this release comes some, fairly, significant changes.

    The tftpboot folder now only contains the pxelinux.0.old, default.ipxe, ipxe.krn, and undionly.kpxe files. It does have a couple other files as well, but I’m not fully ready to get rid of them entirely.

    The init.gz and bzImage are now stored in the web directory under service/ipxe. Memtest does not work as a kernel with ipxe in this new setup. To fix this, memtest.bin is now in it’s place. It works the same, and works with ipxe. Update your memtest lines in the FOG Settings under the web gui if you’ve already installed FOG 0.33b, or just perform a fresh install.

    The “pxelinux.0” file has been removed and is called undionly.kpxe. You will need to update your option 67. I’ve already made the changes so the installer informs you of this as well as, if you’re using FOG to be the dhcp server, sets up with the correct file.

    There is no more /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg or fog folders as I sort of stated above.

    r1268 released.

    Just removes the link creation to point back to irrelevant locations now.

    I’m sure it will be rough at first, but it’s all for the better.

  • Developer

    Attached zip contains the changes needed to add shutdown or reboot after capone deploy.
    You just need to drop the files in as the base files haven’t changed since the changes were done.


  • r1266 released.

    This is a major change.

    First I’ll let you know of the minor things.

    Trying, once again, with undionly.kpxe file per Junkhacker’s suggestions. Basically it chains to a default.ipxe file that contains the chain to the boot.php file. This way ipxe boot’s faster and without issue, just as we’re used to. No double chain from pxe->ipxe, it’s ipxe->ipxe. The default.ipxe file is generated when you reinstall and uses the fog server’s ipaddress/fog/service/ipxe/boot.php. If you have a special setup, remember this will need to be changed. pxelinux.0.old is still available if you are having issues.

    Changelog.txt has been updated with information.

    Alright, now the big shocking news.

    Those of you using VM’s to test Windows XP using their configuration, be prepared, it’s most likely borked now.

    Buildroot is updated to 2014.02 which released stable TODAY!

    init.gz is fully 64 bit (hence the forewarning above). With this the kernel is also 64 bit now.

    This is needed to read the efi variables properly. Even if I haven’t got a fix for this, I have to be prepared. While many of you may not like this, I will be working to maintain 32 bit versions on the fly. Right now I don’t have them as I completely reworked everything from scratch. If you download kernels through the “unpublished” part of fog 0.33b, they are still 32 bit, so they will NOT work with this brand new init.gz.

    Windows 8 UEFI and all originally non-uefi imaging now works. Windows 8 comes with the caveat of only mps/mpa imaging is working. DD should work as well as that’s a bit for bit clone of the hdd. The one I haven’t tested is Single Disk Resizable, though the code base is there, I haven’t tested it. The rest of the caveat to Windows 8 is that, while the upload and deploy now work, the deploy will not leave your system bootable. That’s why I had to make the switch to 64 bit os, so I can test and try fixing this part. The way to fix it for now is after imaging, boot the Windows 8 DVD and choose recover. Follow these instructrions: [url]http://superuser.com/questions/460762/how-can-i-repair-the-windows-8-efi-bootloader[/url]

    If your systems, and most of them are, are capable of 64 bit OS, then you should be good. Netbooks and maybe a few laptop models (old, almost antique) may not, but that’s why, if you request a 32 bit init.gz and kernel, I will provide them at request. I haven’t built them yet and I removed my old stuff as I had to work from scratch more or less to get this working.

    Hopefully all works well for you,

  • r1265 released.

    Should re-fix windows xp resizable deploy issue.

  • r1264 released.

    Replaces the undionly.kpxe (pxelinux.0) back to the pxelinux.0.old methods that we all know works. Next will be tracking down the xp issue.

  • [quote=“ArchFan, post: 23647, member: 19266”]Thanks Tom, didn’t realize it had changed - I was referring to the 2 mentioned [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Template:Updating_config_files_for_non-empty_MySQL_root_password’]here[/URL]. I’ll try the fix for the other issue. Thanks[/quote]

    I understood what files you meant. I was just saying I removed the need to edit two config.php files a while ago. Just trying to help out.

  • I know what the problem is. No it’s not an error in the configuration of the undionly.kpxe file. It’s a problem that the ${next-server} variable can’t be found if the dhcp server is not the local fog server. Will switch out on the next release, back to the “old” pxelinux.0 file.

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 23631, member: 7271”]I don’t know any more

    I’ve since changed it to one required file.


    The other config.php just tells the FOG<SERVICENAME> files to point to the main config.php file.[/quote]

    Thanks Tom, didn’t realize it had changed - I was referring to the 2 mentioned [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Template:Updating_config_files_for_non-empty_MySQL_root_password’]here[/URL]. I’ll try the fix for the other issue. Thanks

  • Developer

    also task deploy of xp single partition seems broken, says checking disc, a couple of lines later it reboots, without ever having run partclone.

  • Developer

    One for Tom to look at methinks.

  • Developer

    according to Tom’s release notes on r1263, the i believe new pxelinux.0 is a custom compiled ipxe kernel instead of an pxelinux kernel. i suspect there is a flaw in the embedded ipxe config file.

  • Developer

    If I revert pxelinux.0 back to pxelinux.0.old it works.

    I wonder what the difference is?

  • Developer

    trying 1263, but getting int 18 boot fail as per the attached.[ATTACH=full]565[/ATTACH]

    Oddly the ip address is missing from the http line.
    I thought this would come from
    but that has the IP address in, and if I modify it the changes don’t appear, implying it is coming from somwhere else.
    my fog ip is
    Any thoughts

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/565_boottest Clone.png?:"]boottest Clone.png[/url]

  • OK! Got it! Makes more sense now… 😄