Is it possible to get FOG to use another temporary directory during its image uploads?

  • As the topic subject suggests, I’m wondering if it is possible to get FOG to use another temporary directory during its image uploads? I am running FOG on Fedora 13, with some disks in a LVM configuration, but I set /opt to have the lion’s share of that space, / and specifically /tmp has much much less, yet FOG seems to want to upload the image to there instead of somewhere in /opt (where FOG is also installed). Hopefully I’m just missing it somewhere in the documentation, but you would think this would be something people would want (to keep / from filling up accidentally)

    Secondarily, though I am pretty sure it’s true, does anyone know if FOG compresses its uploaded images by default? It seems that way, but wanted to make sure. Also, is there any way to make it so that those images are in an un-compressed state by default? (Likely no one would ever want to do this, but curious nonetheless)

    Let me know, thanks!


  • [url][/url]

    Between your suggestions Tom, and the link above, I was able to solve all of the issues I’ve had so far as I can tell. This is basically a solved thread. Thanks a ton.

  • I do the symbolic link on my system as it seems to work the best for my setup.

    You can change the information by changing the values in the Storage Management part of the Web gui and you’ll also have to make the changes under fog configuration->fog settings within the GUI as well.

  • Ah, I see, well, the issue is, the images that are being stored ON the FOG server are in /images right now, and that’s what I’m looking to move to /opt. Is there an easy way for me to change that within the config file, and then mv the /images directory? Or would moving the directory, and then setting up a symbolic link to it be a better idea? Either way, I have to keep the filesystem structure the way it is, and all of the large amount of free space is over in /opt on the linux side.

  • I think you’re misunderstanding the system. When you boot a system thru pxe and it loads bzImage and init.gz, it’s not the same filesystem as your server.

    init.gz is what loads the file system fog uses on the clients. It’s that /tmp directory that’s being used to have the fifo file created that pigz{1-3} uses when it’s uploading an image. /images is also created on the init.gz system during this same process. That /images directory is the mount point for your storage server (/images typically) on your FOG server which would, ideally, be a large filesystem. Essentially, the /images you see on the client when uploading an image is the storage node you’ve setup for FOG to store the images to. If you’ve setup the storage node to write to /tmp on your fog server, then it’s really easy, but I don’t think that’s what you’ve done here.


    What you’re seeing FOG do during the upload process is not the same /tmp as your server system.

  • Tom,

    Yes, you are correct, as the image was uploading, the image host showed it was being uploaded to something like /tmp/pigz1

    Do you know of any way to specify to FOG to use a different temporary space, as well as redefine where the /images folder is? In my case for instance, moving it to /opt/images ?

  • The images are pigz’d as they’re uploaded. I don’t know of fog writing to /tmp, it’s to /tmp/pigz1 during the upload process, but that’s a pigz process which is writing to /images which is the mount of the nfs share.