Computers won't boot to PXE menu

  • So when I am either uploading or downloading an image no other computers in my network will make it past tftp server. Not allowing other computers to boot to the pxe menu. This only happens when I am imaging is there a setting I can change so this won’t happen?


  • Alright… I’ll do a little research and see how hard it is to move it to something a little faster

  • I don’t know… I’ve never tried to be honest

  • How hard is it to move my fog server to a new machine?

  • I think your fog “server” is on it’s last legs… If you catch my meaning.

  • I have a feeling that it is because I put my fog server on such a slow computer. It is installed on a Dell L attitude d620 with a 2G of RAM.

    As for the error im not in the office right now but it says something like “found pxe boot menu (we think)” Than it will take forever to boot to the pxe menu if it does

  • Austin

    The only time I see issues in my fog server is when it’s getting thrashed by 10 or more active tasks at once. However pxe boot still happens but VERY slowly.

    What type of computer do you have fog installed on? And what message do you get when pxe fails to load?