Is Fog Project dead after version 0.32?? Should current fog users be concerned??

    1. There are no activities that’s happening lately.
    2. I did notice some activity by user microleaks on SVN on updating kernel config something - but not a whole lot.
      [SIZE=12px][FONT=sans-serif][COLOR=#555555]3. Hopefully this is not one of the cases like mysql.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
      [SIZE=12px][FONT=sans-serif][COLOR=#555555]4. Pardon my ignorance, but what happens to all users who actively contributed and tested for projects that are open source and then you find out that is no longer the case. (like mysql) - this whole thing is confusing at best.[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
    3. Hopefully that is not the case with Fog.
  • Developer

    I’ve heard that .33 is a major re-write of code, so good things come to those who wait.

    I too am anxious to see what new things 0.33 is going to offer, but this is an opensource project, and you are welcome to tweak things to your liking. I am a software engineer, I know development takes a long time. I think everyone should learn a programming language so you can have a passion for everything you use and an understanding of how to overcome obstacles.

    There is still a lot of activity on these forums, I expect development to continue for quite some time. I’m sure if you’d like to donate the devs would really appreciate it!

  • As much as I’m looking forward to 0.33, I’m happy with 0.32 which I’ve been using since release without any major issues. I would imagine juggling life/work/time dedicated to this project must be hard, I know i’d struggle to give much time.
    If the project ever does die off, there’s always the possibility of it being forked.

  • The best way to get fog project churning out updates and bug fixes and new versions is if we contribute to replacing the developers 9 - 5 income and pay them to develop FOG as a full time, mortgage paying, car buying, life living job.

    other than that… as a community we should be grateful that we even have 0.32…