FOG with external TFTP and Storage issues?!

  • Hi,

    first of all thanks for this nice product, iam pretty new to FOG so i tried to start using it and i had the following issue:

    I’ve installed fog on a ubuntu running on a virtual box vm (8GB) Partition. After the initial setup was done i’ve tested a little image that fitted into the 8GB Partition, everything went well.

    Then i decided to use my allready existing TFTP Server and for Storage a NFS Share with more space.
    So i disabled the default storage node and added my bigger NFS share

    NFS Share (big) : E:\Images -name:images (on a windows machine)
    Then when i try to make an image on that share it will be created but in the end it cannot be moved, then i realised that i also need an ftp server on the storage node so i installed filezilla server, then moving was possible but it could not create the image name folder.

    Second issue the image was created in storagenoderoot/macadress instead of storagenoderoot/dev/macaddress like it does with original setup, then when image is finished it seems it could not create the image dir folder , if i create it by hand the image is moved to its destination folder like configured in the image settings for that client.

    I thougth i had the exact same base with my existing tftp and nfs share but something seems different, isn’t it enough to have a nfs share that is named images on whatever server and a ftp server that is pointing to the same directory? For my testing purposes i use user acount (ftp and so on) with maximum privilegues.

    Iam confused and dont understand why the process will not work the same way.

    Any ideas?

    How to configure a alternativ NFS share (other computer) correctly to use it like with the default storage node?
    Is it enough to have a share called /images ?

    What about the FTP Server in the first moment i asked my self for what the hell is a dedicated FTP Server needed on another storage node when its only job is to get a connection where files are moved.


    LOL i found this:
    [QUOTE]Hopefully someone will re-write POST_Stage2.php to change this at some point as if you already have the NFS share mounted why do we do this bit with ftp? [/QUOTE]

    What ever is it needed that the FTP root points to the same directory that the nfs share is using?
    The FTP Account FOG is using has fully user privilegues!

    Help please 😄

    Greetz X23

  • Hi,

    i could manage my problem.

    Two NFS shares on the Windows NFS Server:
    [QUOTE]- /images pointing to E:\images (for the mount on the fog machine (unbuntu)

    • /dev pointing to E:\images\dev (for the mount for the pxe client)[/QUOTE]
      The FTP Server running on the Windows machine:
      [QUOTE]- user same as configured under the storage node
    • root directory is E:\images[/QUOTE]
      E: looks like:
      Everything is running fine now 😉

    The need of a FTP Server only for moving files is more then a face palm, but i will take a look at the scripts. Maybe iam good enough to fix that for myself and the rest.

    Greetz X23