Black screen while trying to upload an image

  • Hello FOG community,

    I have a problem. When I try to upload an image from a host, the display turns into standby modus and the screen becomes black. The PC is still running, but I can’t do anything. CTRL + ALT + DELETE for restarting the PC doesn’t work too, I have to kill it by pressing the power button for a while.

    Does anyone know how that comes? Is it a common problem if something is wrong?
    Thx for help!


    EDIT: It seems that FOG does upload the image while the screen is black, although in the FOG “active tasks” it says “queued”. Pretty strange… Had a similar problem on another machine, where FOG told me that a chip or something was missed. There was just a black screen with this message, after a while the PC rebootet and the image was uploaded.
    At the moment, I really need some help because I don’t know what the problem could be. There’s no way for me to see the progress or what FOG is doing.

    EDIT2: I’ve just found a similar thread here: [url][/url]
    It’s exactly what he describes, but I am using Display Port and not DVI.

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    There is a small edit you can make to the task status screen to show progress for imaging. Out of the box, FOG only shows status for Single Partition - Resizable image type tasks. If you search the forums, you can find the thread that shows how to add the progress bar for other types of image tasks (Multiple Partition - Single Disk). I think it’s in the tutorials forums.

    As for error messages while booting the FOG kernel, it’s pretty normal to get quite a few warnings about drivers, chipsets, etc. The FOG kernel tries to load a wide variety of device drivers in order to work on as many devices as possible. It may try to load drivers for things you don’t have in your systems, and you get errors or warnings. The acerhdf is the most commonly asked about because it’s only for a small subset of acer laptops.

    Have you tried a different kernel available through the FOG web interface? Sometimes older kernels work better, sometimes newer ones do. If you can’t easily find a kernel that works for you, it’s not that hard to compile your own if you know what you need in it.