• I am fairly new to FOG, I have used it in the past but I wasn’t the one who set it up and now I’m testing it at my work to use. Apparently I lack in the search skills department because I have been Googling for a few days to find my answer. I have my 0.32 FOG server up and running on Ubuntu 12.10, I have my image uploaded but I can’t figure out how to deploy it to other PCs other than the host. We aren’t a large company so I won’t be taking advantage of all features of FOG. I just need to upload single images and then I will deploy them to the target machines one at a time. When I deploy my image and boot my target PC which isn’t the host into PXE and select Quick Image, I get a error saying “Host Not Found” - Rebooting in 1 Minute - if anyone can help/tell me what I’m not doing, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    I prefer to register my machines as well, middle of the year image pushing comes in handy, and end of the year inventory is going to be particularly easy this year.

    but I have also thought about using this “bypass host registration” guide… I just can’t decide 🙂

  • Just register every machine as you go, that’s what I do. So if there is ever a problem I just deploy an image and have them re-boot. Bam fresh image.

  • This worked amazing!!! A little bit of messing with config files but def worth it!!!

  • Thanks man, gonna check it out now!

  • Then maybe this thread and the included link will help you:


  • That is correct, I’m trying to eliminate that process. I don’t want to have to register every machine, I just want to use the image I created.

    I even tried doing a full registration and when I get to the end when it asks if I want to image it now I choose yes and it reboots but never images the machine.

  • I assume, that you haven’t registered your target machine in FOG:

    1. Register the target machine (its MAC to be more exact) in FOG. You can do that by either using “Quick inventory” in the PXE bootmenu or by adding a host manually. The MAC has to be exactly right, the name however isn’t that important (just put a name in the field).

    2. Assign the image you created to the target machine and choose the right operating system of the image. You do that in the host configuration menu.

    3. Go to task management > List all hosts, find your target machine and click on the deploy arrow (the one facing down).

    4. Boot up your target machine into PXE. The rest should happen automatically.

  • If this isn’t the best place for this question to be can a Mod move it so I don’t have to cross post to get more views and hopefully a answer? Thanks!