Hiberfil and Page file....

  • Hi there

    Just seen the above files coming though in my images and taking up loads of space!
    What do people do make sure they DO NOT upload into the final sysprepped image,
    also is there any peril to be gleamed from having these removed…

    Regards in advance

  • did a test and deleted page before uploading - on test a fresh onwe came down

  • If you delete the Hibernation file, you just can’t put your computer into hibernate mode. No big deal. However, the page file is a MUCH different story. This is what the hard drive uses if you run out of RAM when multitasking. Very bad things will happen if you remove this from a computer without having a ton of RAM. Personally, I have 16 GB of RAM in my personal computer, and I still keep a small pagefile available just to be on the safe side. All it takes a memory leak, say from Flash or Java (since they’ve never had those before 😉 ) and you’ll blue screen in no time.