• Hi all, I’ve got a Dell Optiplex 5480 AIO with an Intel I219-LM Ethernet adapter. I cannot for the life of me get it to build off FOG, running into the Kernel possibly missing driver error.

    The machine is quite new, we’ve had it out for about a year after building it manually with aomei and our image as we couldn’t get FOG to work on it then, but it needed to be put out into circulation.

    I’ve got the machine back and, it will get to fog and I can boot from Windows, deploy image and use the options from there, but immediately get stuck at image deploy.

    I’ve updated and confirmed bzimage and bzimage32 are the most recent from github (5.15.68) and the iPXE version is the most recent one.

    Anyone have any idea how I can get round this without having to do an offline build?


  • @george1421 That’s what’s done it, the kernel version I’m using at this subsite is older than the one at the main server.

    Main server has been brought up to date but for some reason, I never considered all 37 sites would also need to have bzimage/32 updating as well.

    Well, that solves it. Even if it was my own stupidity haha! Thanks mate!

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    @mrilly ok two things that jump out at me

    1. You are still using the 4.19.x kernel for some reason.
    2. The intel nic 8086:0d4c was first added to the 5.5 version of the linux kernel.

    You need to go back and review why the 5.15 versions of the linux kernel are not installed in your fog server.

    From the fog server’s linux console you can use file /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/bzImage to read the version of the kernel to confirm it got updated correctly.

  • @george1421 Thanks George, I’ve attached the picture here… Also, not sure if it’s a PEBKAC moment I’m having but I can’t seem to run

    lspci -nn | grep -i net

    Not sure if I was meant to run one that works so I went with the first one as the other one just left me with a flashing cursor for about 30 mins…

    Can’t seem to upload the photo from here no matter the size so I’ll link it from my G Drive > https://drive.google.com/file/d/12lqzWKlqqImivnrVxo-SDsOX8T6duR-u/view?usp=sharing

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    @mrilly OK what I want you to do is this.

    1. Get the mac address of this computer and manually register the computer with FOG using the Web UI.
    2. Now schedule a deploy/capture job (doesn’t) matter. But before you hit the schedule task button tick the debug checkbox.
    3. PXE boot the target computer, it should jump into imaging right away. After a few screens of text that you need to clear with the enter key you will be dropped at the FOS Linux command prompt.
    4. Key in the following and post the results.
      uname -a
      ip a s
      lspci -nn | grep -i net
      grep -i firmware /var/log/syslog (it might be /var/log/messages I can’t remember which is right)

    If you can take a clear picture of the outputs with a mobile phone that could save retyping. For the lspci command I need to see the hex numbers in the square brackets to debug. The last command I’m looking for maybe missing driver firmware.