• Hi, I migrated my fog server to a new system and during the process I transferred the postdownload script from the old versioned system the the newer one. I’m running into some issue sysprep running and connecting the client to the domain after the download. Is there a new postdownload script I could download and try?


    Jim P.

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    @geekyjm Are you using a postdownload script to dynamically update your unattend.xml file so sysprep will join the domain with the settings given by fog?
    Or are you using the fog service to join the domain during the oobe firstlogon phase, or after that?

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    @geekyjm If I remember correctly the certificate is in /opt/fog/ssl ( I think ) but it is in /opt/fog directory or below. be sure to rename the original certificate on the new fog server before you copy over the old certificate. Once copied over reboot the fog server computer.

  • @george1421 Thanks, for your assistance. Question where is the certificate located? If I can find it I can then copy it to the new server. But is the certificate based on the server name? When creating the new server I named it something other than the original.

    Jim P.

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    @geekyjm said in postdownload script:

    Is there a new postdownload script I could download and try?

    First let me say that post download scripts have nothing to do with Windows or connecting to AD. Your issues are probably not the root cause.

    Lets assume you have the FOG client connect the target computer to AD (there are other ways to got about it, but most use the fog client) and you have just changed fog servers.

    My bet is that the fog client can no longer talk to the new FOG server, and hence not get the instructions to connect to AD.

    When the fog client is installed (like on the precaptured golden image), it tattoos itself to the fog server’s certificate. That certificate is unique to each install of FOG. My bet is that you didn’t copy over the certificate from the old fog server to the new fog server. So the clients are rejecting the new FOG server because the certificates don’t match.