• Hello,

    I have a new Fog deployment Legacy PXE working fine.
    Set DHCP policies for UEFI 7,8,2 based on documentation
    7 is set to ipxe.efi

    When trying to boot UEFI with Dell Laptop I get no IP (Which seems strange), and it just times out.

    With proxmox I can boot legacy no problem.
    With proxmox on a UEFI boot I cannot get anything either.

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    @sourceminer said in UEFI - Dell Precision 5760:

    Turns out someone had added option 60 to the global Options

    Yeah that’s not a good option to have. That tells the pxe booting computer that it needs to come back after the dhcp process and talk to the proxydhcp server on port 4011 for the boot info. You would only do this if you had microsoft wds server on the same server as your dhcp server. Or if you were running dnsmasq in the linux world to do the same thing.

  • Thanks George. I was able to solve this as it seemed strange that the DHCP was working and sending legacy but not UEFI. Turns out someone had added option 60 to the global Options for the pool Once I removed this everything worked as normal.

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    @sourceminer for uefi you need ach 007 and 009 for 64 bit. for 32 bit (rare) you can define arch 006. The other arch you mentioned are not needed.

               Type   Architecture Name
               ----   -----------------
                 0    Intel x86PC
                 1    NEC/PC98
                 2    EFI Itanium
                 3    DEC Alpha
                 4    Arc x86
                 5    Intel Lean Client
                 6    EFI IA32
                 7    EFI BC (EFI Byte Code)
                 8    EFI Xscale
                 9    EFI x86-64

    To tell if things are working right you can use wireshark on a witness computer on the same IP subnet as the pxe booting computer. Use the capture filter of port 67 or port 68.

    You should see the DORA (Discover, Offer, Request, Ack/nac). The pxe booting computer will send out the Discover packet. Look at dhcp options 93 or 94 (can’t remember) but that is where the pxe booting computer will post what arch it is. Then look at the Offer packet (you should only have one) that is the dhcp server giving the target computer an IP address. Now look in the ethernet header there should be a {next-server} field and a {boot-file} field. Look down the list a bit until you see the dhcp options, now look at the dhcp options 66 and 67 those should match the values in the ethernet header respectively. If either group is missing then look towards your dhcp server.

    For uefi the next-server value should be the IP address of the fog server wiith boot-file of ipxe.efi.