Auto detection submits wrong MACs

  • Hi everybody,

    I’m trying to deploy the FOG agent on Windows PCs.
    I am encountering the following weird issue: some PCs are successfully registered in the FOG server, others are not being added since the already registered PCs get as additional MACs the MACs of other PCs. How come? Any clue? How does FOG read the MAC from the PC?

    Thanks in advance!

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    @mmaridev Do you use @JJ-Fullmer’s powershell FogAPI module by any chance? I remember digging through an issue with him that sounds kind of similar and we got to the point where it turned out to be caused by a powershell script he used. Can’t remember all the details anymore.

  • @sebastian-roth Hi,

    nothing like that. The only thing reporting extra MACs is VirtualBox but not the problem at the moment.

    I tried on many different hosts and getmac works properly, reporting a single MAC. Why does FOG detect more than one then?

    The situation was the exact same as reported, one machine has, beyond his own MAC, as non-approved ones, the MACs (sometimes just one, sometime two or more) of other PCs. These MACs really exists and are the ones of the physical ethernet of other PCs. Also, no WLAN.

    Any clue? Maybe I can try with a different model. These are tiny HPs.

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    @mmaridev Do you have some kind of VPN software installed on the machines? This often brings MAC addresses that are not unique.

  • @sebastian-roth


    currently on Client Version: 0.12.0. FOG Server 1.5.9.

    Tomorrow I’ll check on one machine to see if getmac reports it correctly and let you know.

    The behavior is that autodetection won’t work because the agent tries to submit a new host but the FOG Server denies it since it’s already linked to another PC, even if not approved.

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    @mmaridev You can run the getmac command in a Windows cmd shell to see the MAC addresses the fog-client sees.

    Please let us know the version of FOG and the fog-client software you use.