• Hi!

    Just discovered Fog few days ago, I tried to install it following the wiki page.
    I am facing this issue

    alt text

    I noticed that php-gettext cannot be installed so I installed php-php-gettext manually as it seems to be the replacement package.
    Then I restarted install script with -X
    I ended with

    PHP Failed to install properly
    Could not find /etc/php//fpm/php.ini!

    Any help appreciated

  • Moderator

    @lacugo If you switch over to the FOG 1.5.9 dev branch (a.k.a FOG it will install cleanly on Debian 11. But sadly not ubuntu 22.04 or centos 8 where php8 is the default install. AS of now FOG only supports PHP7.x until some code refactoring is done.

  • I tried to install on Debian 11, CentOS 7 and 8 but to no avail.

    So I went to Ubuntu 22 and it wasn’t easy either, but in the installation process the script forces the installation of PHP 7.1 while the available version is 8. So I enabled the PHP 7.4 package on Ubuntu and changed the installation script to force installation of PHP 7.4. 😁 ✌

  • Just recently set this up, in case anyone runs into this issue before the next release, without flipping to dev branch you just need to edit /lib/ubuntu/config.sh and add an entry for 11) since it stops at 10) ( as Sebastian mentions, this OS is newer than the release )

                x="*php5* *php7.0*"

    I also removed the reference to the package php-gettext as I read it was no longer required with PHP7.

  • @sebastian-roth it worked perfectly, thanks for the help!

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    @zyssai FOG 1.5.9 was releases way before Debian 11 came out. Currently you need to use the so called dev-branch version which is pretty stable at the moment.

    sudo -i
    apt update
    apt install git
    git clone https://github.com/FOGproject/fogproject/
    cd fogproject
    git checkout dev-branch
    cd bin

    As soon as the next version is being released (currently in preperation) you can switch back to the official release version with very little effort.

  • @sebastian-roth I followed this page to install fog 1.5.9 over Debian 11 Stable

  • Moderator

    @zyssai Which Linux OS and version are you trying to install FOG on? As well I am wondering which version of FOG you used?

    Please post the wiki article you followed.