• Hola, es posible capturar en una misma imagen 2 discos duros, uno SSD y otro SATA. Al crear la imagen, en el tipo de imagen selecciono “Multiple Partition Image - All Disks” , pero no lo consigo.
    ¿Como se hace?

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    @Pilar Your upload of the picture didn’t go all the way to the end. If I had to guess I would think that you receive this kind of error: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/13628/ftp-issue-when-pulling-an-image

    Just follow George’s tutorial on how to fix this.

    By the way: Here in the forums we try to keep issues separated to help other people follow and better understand it. So please don’t jump from one issue to the next in this one topic. Open a fresh new topic for each and every issue you have and we’ll answer every single one of them.

  • @sebastian-roth
    Muchas gracias, lo conseguí, aunque ahora tengo otra incidencia, logra crear la imagen, “Cloned successfully”, “Image captured”, pero falla la actualización de la base de datos, da un error, no termina la tarea, y se reinicia el pc

    ![0_1637926068760_20211126_094034.jpg](Uploading 3%)

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    @Pilar Well if you want to capture the disks separately then using “Single Disk” (resizable or non-resizable) is the way to go.

    FOS enumerates & sorts disks and then will choose the first one by default when capturing/deploying in single mode. But you can use the image setting Host Primary Disk to tell it to use a certain disk you want.

    The most straightforward way to find out the disks’ device names once you schedule a debug capture task, PXE boot the machine and when you get to the shell run lsblk to get a list. With normal SSD and SATA the are probably /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. Ignore the partitions (sda1 etc.). Now put the device names into the image definition in the web UI, schedule a normal capture and see it capture the correct disk.

  • @pilar
    creo que formulé mal la pregunta. Realmente La imagen de los 2 discos a la vez no me conviene ya que saldría enorme el tamaño.
    Mejor hago una imagen independiente para cada disco, pero cómo le indico que la imagen es del disco secundario?, creo que por defecto hace la imagen del disco de arranque o sea, del primario, por lo que de ese no tendré problema en crearla.
    Gracias por responder

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    @pilar said in capturar imagen de 2 discos:

    Multiple Partition Image - All Disks

    This is the right setting to capture several disks, e.g. SSD and SATA. How do you see it’s not working? Please run ls -al /images/#IMAGENAME# (use the correct image name/path instead of the #...#) and post output here so we can check which image files have been created.