• I’ve noticed that there is an SSH server running on the client machine while it is imaging. I’m wondering what the login details are, or how they can be set?

    To explain why, I’ve been running a lot of unattended installs remotely (covid etc) and just occasionally a machine will get stuck, where it sits at the Partclone screen waiting to start but never does. It’s related to using Multicast, but not being able to get to the machines easily it’s been very hard to figure out what’s causing it. If I could SSH in I could at least reboot the machine, instead of having to badger somebody to go and do it for me (or driving for an hour to push a button). It’s only a workaround but it would be a big help.

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    @markg said in SSH login while imaging:

    I’ve no problem with them all having the same password so that was really easy

    Just understand that the password you set will not be persistent in that once FOS Linux reboots it will go back to its default password since FOS Linux itself is not persistent or has any persistent storage. You can surely do what you need with a post init script. We also use post init scripts to setup specific hardware/software combinations like software raid solutions and such before imaging can begin.

  • @Sebastian-Roth thanks! I did not know about the postinit scripts. I’ve no problem with them all having the same password so that was really easy.

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    @MarkG The SSH is mainly used for debug deploy/capture. You boot up the host in debug and then you need to set a root password first before you can connect. There is no password set by default and login is not possible.

    I have not tried this in a long time but I think you should be able to automate the password setup. Check out Tom’s post here: https://forums.fogproject.org/post/88286