Deployment without Register and credentials

  • Hi again,

    ist ist possible to auto deploy image without registration and without credentials (fog, password)

    i can set something in fog-quick-registration -->quickreg autopop - enabled
    quickreg img when reg–> enabled.

    But it doenst work,

    thanks for your help.

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    @lerne-nie-aus said in Deployment without Register and credentials:

    Or where i can find some batch file or unattendend.xml to check for zero touch deploying?

    This is a MS Windows thing and not really anything that FOG cares about. The unattend.xml and sysprep there are many examples of how to do that part on the internet. How I do this is I use MDT to build the golden image then sysprep and power off the golden image VM. Then reboot the golden image VM and capture with FOG. So FOG only moves the disk image from local hard drive to and from the FOG server. Once the image is copied over to the target computer and the target computer is rebooted then FOG does not touch it any more.

    My Question was, if i dont need to select this image and if i can set it up somewhere else as default.

    Just so I’m clear here, You want to PXE boot into iPXE and then have a single image deployed to a computer without anyone touching it? Like PXE boot then image is deployed? If you think about its like a deep freeze system restore? I’m just trying to understand your use case. Can it be done with FOG? yes. Should you do this? I can’t answer that.

  • @george1421 yes i can set the username and password in that setting by gog.deployimage. Thanks

    Ah Ok, now i got what you told me.
    It is the PXE Menü on Host and you can select the image which you want deploy.

    My Question was, if i dont need to select this image and if i can set it up somewhere else as default.

    Means i set an image as default und want to deploy this image to all hosts without selecting something in PXE Menü.

    Or where i can find some batch file or unattendend.xml to check for zero touch deploying?

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    @lerne-nie-aus I don’t have a fog server in front of me at the moment. But the deploy image fog menu (using the menu editor) should have a parameter called username and password that I think you give the right answer after and it will not ask for a password.

    You select the image you want on the target computer from the front end of the iPXE menu. The list is built dynamically.

    The FOG Client must be installed in the golden image before you capture it to the FOG server.

    I can say on my campus I don’t use the FOG Client and I use the “Load and Go” process even if the computer stays. I have a FOG Post install script that updates the windows unattend.xml right after the image is pushed to the client. That way we completely image the computer sitting in front of the computer and don’t need to touch the web interface during imaging.

  • @george1421 thanks to you again:)

    i can not find or set an image in fog.deployimage menü.
    I can see just
    Menu item, description, parameters, boot options, default item, hot key enabled, hot key to use, menü show with and make changes?

    Sorry to bother you.

    BTW i thougt a Fog Client Tools will be automatically installed on hosts, if i deploy images, isnt it?

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    @lerne-nie-aus If you do not want to manage a client computer after you deploy an image with FOG yes its possible. There is a process I call “Load and Go”. This process might be used by a MSP or computer system builder where you would load the OS and then sell the computer where fog will never see the computer again.

    In the FOG iPXE menu there is a menu entry called Deploy Image. That menu selection displays all of the images on the FOG server. You can select an image from there and FOG will push it to the target computer.

    There are several things you need to know.

    1. You will not have or be able to use the FOG Client on the target computer to rename the computer after deployment or connect the computer to active directory. If you need that feature you will need to have the unattend.xml file do this,.
    2. Once the image is loaded on the target computer FOG will immediately forget about the target computer so you can not mange it with FOG after imaging.

    As for removing the password for imaging you will need to adjust the deploy image iPXE menu using the FOG Web UI. I can’t remember if you just remove the username and password prompts from the menu entry or provide the username and password in the iPXE menu to make the menu entry not ask for them. But I can say it is possible to do.