Windows 11 image can be deployed with secure boot disabled

  • I’ve just finished testing with an official build, and I was able to capture and deploy a Windows 11 image with SB disabled.

    Here’s how I did it:

    • When building an image, install Windows 11 with Secure Boot enabled - this is the only time when SB will need to be enabled

    • Go through process of building the image & sysprepping

    • Once you have completed the sysprep process, you can turn off secure boot

    • Set up capture task & capture your image

    • From here, you are able to deploy the image to machines with secure boot off

    Just figured I’d make a post because I know a lot of people were worried about this (myself included). I’m still testing, but so far I’ve been able to successfully deploy the Windows 11 image with secure boot off to multiple devices (All HP so far). If I run into any issues I’ll post them here, but so far it’s looking promising.

  • Doesn’t secure boot use unique keys? Have you been able to boot with secure boot enabled on machines that you deployed the image to?