• Hello,
    I made a fresh install of dev-branch on Debian 11 LXD (only GIT and SSH installed) and I have this error :

    Sep 29 09:31:00 FOGSERVER systemd[1]: Started The PHP 7.4 FastCGI Process Manager.
    ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table 'fog.globalSettings' doesn't exist

    Thank you for your help.

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    @jmeyer said in Fresh install debian 11:

    Yes. I’m an running Debian on a Qnap with Container Station.

    Have you ever had FOG running on that before? NFS can be an issue in container virtualization. It definitely is on Proxmox when you use the default settings. I don’t know about Qnap.

  • @sebastian-roth Yes. I’m an running Debian on a Qnap with Container Station.
    From what I have read nsf server can’t run under LXC/LXD version.
    I’ll try using other that LXD version.

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    @jmeyer This error looks like your system is running within a virtual environment like Proxmox. Just a wild guess but maybe I am right?

  • @sebastian-roth 🤦 I should read because I go too fast and end asking stupid questions ! lol
    It was write in white on black !

    * Press [Enter] key when database is updated/installed.

    Here is a real error :

     * Setting up and starting NFS Server..........................Failed to get unit file state for nfs.service: No such file or directory
    !! The installer was not able to run all the way to the end as   !!
    !! something has caused it to fail. The following few lines are  !!
    !! from the error log file which might help us figure out what's !!
    !! wrong. Please add this information when reporting an error.   !!
    !! As well you might want to take a look at the full error log   !!
    !! in /home/admin/fogproject-dev-branch/bin/error_logs/fog_error_1.5.9.111.log !!
    Sep 29 10:25:59 FOGSERVER systemd[1]: Dependency failed for NFS server and services.
    Sep 29 10:25:59 FOGSERVER systemd[1]: nfs-server.service: Job nfs-server.service/start failed with result 'dependency'.
    Failed to enable unit: Unit file nfs.service does not exist.
    Failed to start nfs.service: Unit nfs.service not found.
    Unit nfs.service could not be found.
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    @jmeyer The FOG installer will ask you to open the FOG web UI to update the database schema. Looks like you hit ENTER in the installer without updating the DB schema first.

    Just re-run the installer and follow the instructions closely!

    Update: I have not tested Debian 11 yet but the error message looks like the schema update is missing.