• @sebastian-roth I sent you the examples with WWNs and serials in chat.

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    @mrp Thanks heaps for testing and letting me know!

    Can you post the actual information you set as Host Primary Disk in the FOG web UI for the specific hosts? Just a few examples.

  • @sebastian-roth Yesterday I downloaded the init file (init_adv_primary_disk.xz) and replaced the /var/www/html/fog/service/ipxe/init.xz file with the downloaded one.

    I did multiple single and multi-disk deployments (multiple partition not resizable) as well as multiple single and multi-disk captures (multiple partition not resizable). I specified the order of disks using the Host Primary Disk field (wwn(nvme),wwn(nvme),device-name(sata) ; serial(nvme),serial(nvme),device-name(sata) ; also single disk capture and deploy by specifying a single disk like serial(nvme) or wwn(nvme)).

    With the new init file, the NVME drives still got picked up seemingly randomly in all tested scenarios.

    When working on single NVME drives (specified with serial or WWN), the partclone progress screen always showed /dev/nvme0n1 being captured/deployed, regardless of the NVME drive being specified in FOG and the drive that was picked by FOG.

    I tested both with the normal setup (2xNVME, 1xSATA) and without the SATA drive. Interestingly, when testing with (2xNVME, 1xSATA) and specifying the Host Primary Disk like WWN1,WWN2,sata_device_name (or the same with serial), the capture/deployment always started with the SATA drive and then continued with the two NVME drives.

    Maybe the serial and WWN entries were found to be invalid and/or simply skipped by FOG? The WWNs and serials were correct, I double checked each of them.

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    @mrp I just added another fix to the init. Make sure you re-download the file from the link below (updated the file) before you start testing.

  • @sebastian-roth No problem, I’m glad we have a fix for this now. The Host Primary Disk setting with the disks separated with commas is exactly what we wanted, so I’m enthusiastic to test the fix.

    I have some time next week, so I’ll do some captures and deployments on the 13th of October and test the new init file. I’ll come back to you then with our results.

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    @mrp Sorry for the delay. Found some time to work on this finally.

    Here you can download a first test version of the updated init file: https://github.com/FOGProject/fos/releases/download/20210807/init_adv_primary_disk.xz (will be removed as soon as we have enough evidence this is working as intended and not breaking anything else and therefore included into the official init)

    You can use any combination of disk serial (lsblk -pdno SERIAL /dev/sda), WWN (lsblk -pdno WWN /dev/sda), disk size (blockdev --getsize64 /dev/sda) or simple device name (/dev/sda) as Host Primary Disk setting, disk entries separated by comma, for example S1DBNSBFXXXXXXXX,549755813888,/dev/sdc (serial,size,device name).

    @mrp @testers May I ask you to give it a try and see if it works as expected. Please test as many different setups as possible (capture/deploy, All Disk/non-resizeable/resizeable image type, unicast/multicast) to make sure this change doesn’t break other parts.

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    @mrp No, unfortunately have not found enough time to work this out. But I have it on my list and will get to it in the next two weeks I reckon.

  • @sebastian-roth I hope you had a pleasant holiday. Any updates on this issue, or should I maybe open an issue on GitHub to track this?

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    @mrp When we struggled with this I didn’t think as far as only using identifiers for deployment. I will see what I can do when I get back from my holiday in a couple of days.

  • @sebastian-roth Yes, I’m thinking of disk UUIDs or the serial number.

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    @mrp said in Identical NVMe drives:

    I’m thinking of the possibility to specify the order of drives in the Host Primary Disk field by listing all disk identifiers in the right order.

    Which disk identifiers would you think are apropriate? Disk UUIDs?