Password protect initial ipxe menu

  • I have been experimenting with booting the FOG ipxe menu via USB drive with great success. During the ipxe boot process it asks for the fog server IP. Is there way to password protect the next step after this? I want to secure the initial fog menu that has options like Deploy Image, Register, etc. The reason for this is that I added Hirens WinPE as an option. My concern is that Hirens has a utility to reset the admin password for Windows on the local hard drive. So if someone knows the FOG server IP, they can just build their own FOG USB drive and get into Hirens to reset the password or gain unauthorized access to user files.

  • Wait nevermind I figured it out. I enabled the “Hide Menu” option under Fog Configuration>iPXE General Configuration>Menu Hide/No Menu settings. Pressing ESC after entering the FOG tftp server IP shows the login menu. Perfect!