• I get this error when trying to update the kenerl from the fog configuration -> kernel update.
    FOG DEBUG: FOGPageManager: Class: FOGConfigurationPage, Method: kernel, Error: Method not found in class, defaulting to index()

  • Okay, try this php file. I’ll have it posted on The .33 tracker as well.

    This file will go into either:




    Unless you have specified a more customized location.

    If your web server is separate from the tftp server, the error is gone, but the download and transfer will fail.


    the js file needs to added to allow for the page to load under the new classes to actually download and transfer the file.

    just a simple:

    cp {fogwebdir}/management/js/fog.about.kernel.js {fogwebdir}/management/js/fog.about.kernel-update.js

    will do.

    Hopefully this helps.


  • I know this particular forum hasn’t had any input for a while, but I’m going to try taking a look at this from the GUI as, from what I can tell, the code base does exist in the class files, but the call to it is just a name sub=kernel, but the methods call this as kernel-update. I’ll try to post something in the 0.33 Bugs page as that’s where I’ve been placing any of the code change files for pretty much the rest of the GUI.

    It will be a few days probably but hopefully we can manage until then.

    P.S. I’m guessing you’re referring to FOG 0.33b having this issue?

  • That’s a known issue. What you need to do is go and download a kernel from here, [URL=‘http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeghost/files/Kernels/’]http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeghost/files/Kernels/ [/URL]then whichever kernel you download, you will need to rename to [B]bzImage[/B]. Once this is done, first rename the original kernel to something like bzImage.backup. This is located in /tftpboot/fog/kernel. Once you rename the kernel you downloaded, move it to this folder and you’ll be all set. Just note that it has to be spelled [B]bzImage[/B], all lowercase besides the I. If a capital letter is not right, it will not boot.