Dual boot (ubuntu + windows) even on ssd

  • It is possible to create an image with dual boot (two boot) between ubuntu20.04 + windows7, being a 120Gb SSD in which both OS would be installed on this SSD and the other 500GB HDD would be partitioned 100Gb windows for various files (downloads)
    and the rest to the following linux /opt /usr /home folders.

  • Moderator

    @esmatos You might provide more detailed information on what steps exatly you took and what error occurred (pictures of error on screen!!). Otherwise we won’t be able to help.

  • In our case here, everything was made from the same brand, both SSD and HDD, it still gave an error, that is, the fog didn’t catch in my view the correct image. Other times it captured the fog correctly and when it was time to replicate it was, but the linux operating system did not work.

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    @esmatos Yes, should be fine. Though there is one thing you have to keep in mind. Capturing/deploying an image set to “All disks” can’t go to smaller size drives. Often 120 GB drives from various vendors are not exactly the same size (sector count) and would cause trouble if the destination drive is smaller, even if it’s just short a dozen or so sectors.