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    @tice-stan In addition to getting a clear image of the error as Sebastian recommended, I also think setting up a debug capture/deploy might give us a better understanding of what is going wrong.

    After you capture the image Sebastian asks for then schedule another capture/deploy debug session. Preferably the same process you used to capture the previously mentioned error message. At the FOS Linux prompt I want you to key in the following commands and then take a clear picture like you did for the previous lsblk command.

    1. cat /proc/cmdline
    2. uname -a
    3. lsblk
    4. Get a picture of that
    5. Start imaging in single step mode. Single step mode will require you to press enter between each break-point. Start imaging by keying in fog.
    6. Now watch for any errors, maybe an error is displayed just before the error in your screen shot. Take a picture and post it of any new or hidden error.

    This might not give us the answer we need, but this process will tell use where we don’t need to look for the problem.

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    @tice-stan said in DELL 5060:

    but deployment returns an error “no disk passed”.

    Well from the picture of lsblk you posted we see that FOS can see the disks. So I guess the error on deployment is a different one! Please take a picture of the error you see when deployment fails and post that here.

  • @sebastian-roth I hope that will help you.


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    @tice-stan Please help us debug this. Set the v5.10.34 kernel and schedule a debug deploy task. PXE boot the machine and hit ENTER twice to get to a command shell. Run the following commands, take a picture of the output and post that here:

    lspci -nn