Storage Node not appearing on Web interface?

  • Hi the GUI web interface is not showing Storage nodes even though the are added under storage tab. Main dashboard
    Storage Tab

  • @sebastian-roth Yup its was, “Is Graph Enabled (On Dashboard)” Working now. thanks.

  • @sebastian-roth will check it out tomorrow, we were on break. I will let you know.

  • Senior Developer

    @tesparza Are you still seeing the issue? I just got around to look into this as I usually don’t have a full setup with storage node in my test environment.

    From my point of view this is working as it should. Added a storage node in the web UI manually as well as through setting up a new storage node where the FOG installer script will add the storage node to your DB. Both show up in the drop down menu on the dashboard!

    Though you need to make sure Is Graph Enabled (On Dashboard) setting in each of the storage nodes’ settings.

    My guess is the checkbox in the storage node settings is not enabled or the master node is not able to contact the storage nodes via HTTP to query information. Either HTTP is blocked between the nodes or the connection times out for whatever reason. In that case the node is not added to the drop down menu on the dashboard page.

    You can also check the “FOG Configuration” page. As well you should see an entry for each node (master as well as storages). The entries will be missing if master node is not able to contact the storage, same as on the dashboard.