Multicast deploying shutdown pc

  • Hi, I have a strange problem that is appears in last few days. When I try to deploy a image using multicast, after a randomly time, it can be 75% or 60% the PC shutdown completly. I try to explore log in fog but I can’t see anything.
    I have FOG 1.5.9 and try kernel 5.10.19 and 5.10.34 but nothing change.

    I try to deploy image on a HP Prodesk G4. I didn’t have time to deploy on another models.

    It’s work in unicast but it’s long to make all the lab in unicast instead of multicast.

    About 2 week ago I deploy in multicast without problem and we didn’t change any network configuration.

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    @gchartrandCRL For multicast to work properly all the hosts need to be “in sync”. Notice that when all the machines boot up they all wait on the blue partclone screen for everyone to join before it actually starts.

    This is not only true for the first start but repeated on every partition. So all hosts need to wait and sync on the second, third, … partition. If a hosts arrives too late it can’t join this session and will drop out.

    On the first partition FOG’s multicast manager waits for FOG_UDPCAST_MAXWAIT * 60 seconds but for all the other partitions the wait time is set to 10 seconds. This is usually enough but in some cases causes problems.

    So to make a long story short, edit /var/www/html/fog/lib/service/multicasttask.class.php, jump to line 567 and change the value of 10 to 30 for example.

    Before the change:

                            $i == 0 ?
                            $maxwait * 60 :

    After the change:

                            $i == 0 ?
                            $maxwait * 60 :

    Cancel all multicast tasks (or let them run to the end) and restart your whole FOG server to make sure it’s in a clean state. Then schedule a new multicast task and see if the same thing happens again.

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    We try to monitor the multicast. After a moment, some machine freeze and screen didn’t update. The related machine in the active task is show 100% of deploy.

    The other machine we cancel the task to make it as unicast to continue our works.

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    @gchartrandcrl said in Multicast deploying shutdown pc:

    When I try to deploy a image using multicast, after a randomly time, it can be 75% or 60% the PC shutdown completly.

    Did you see any error messages on screen? I expect something is going wrong and FOS errors out. There is no logging back to the FOG server when these issues happen. You need to be in front of the machine and take a picture of the error on screen.