• I noticed that the VM Appliance on the site is .27 Is there a reason for this? If not I was considering building one as we use VM for our fog server and I thought it would be advantageous to the group. Thoughts?

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    you need to speak to microleaks, blackout or Chuck Syperski,

    also how about getting it on to [url]http://www.turnkeylinux.org/[/url] this should help spread FOG even further they are also tied in with [url]http://www.proxmox.com/products/proxmox-ve[/url]

  • Anyone know who I need to talk to about putting it on the sourceforge page when it’s done?

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    you know of people still on 0.27!! wow lol
    but yes a new appliance would be cool, help with spreading the word too I would have thought.

  • My coworking and I use FOG on almost a daily basis and that is what we were discussing was that we should help everyone out. We have met several people that use the VM Appliance and are still on .27. On the opposite end of the spectrum we change alot of things and use all the new features, even considering turning on capone :-D. Well if anyone else has any reason it is not already an appliance let me know. If not I will starting working on it not next week but the week after.

  • I think the project became more focused on development instead of periodic updates (which is a good thing). In doing so, however, it leaves the community that rely on the installs, the configurations, and the troubleshooting. Again, this is a good thing as you can have more people to help support the new users and try to get them to work through the problems. So i’m assuming that the VM’s were built by the Dev’s, but since they are working on .33, which is a complete rewrite of the program, they aren’t to concerned about an updated VM. I could be wrong, I could be right, i’m not sure. But the way I look at it, it could be your way of giving back to the FOG community 🙂 I try writing patches, and features (and converting the Fedora code to work on Ubuntu) as well as giving support on the forums, that’s my way of giving back 🙂

  • That was my thought. We currently do not have a release date however for .33 So I was going to build .32 and then again at .33 I just don’t know what i have to do to share it with the community. Or Why it hasn’t been done.

  • We could probably use a new version, .32. Though .33 would be nice 🙂 but I would wait until the stable version comes out.