Converting fog images to other platforms

  • Is there a way to convert images made in Fog to other imaging platforms or are the file formats universal?

  • @tom-elliott

    Are there any plans to make a windows/mac/linux app that would allow FOG images to be mounted and read allowing the user to copy files from an image?


  • Senior Developer

    @sjensen Each imaging solution handles things differently.

    FOG can, with enough understanding, switch between clonezilla and vice versa. That’s only because they use the same imaging platform (partclone).

    How other imaging systems handle things is not going to mesh with how fog (or partclone) handles things. I’d say if the imaging system uses partclone there is a potential to swap back and forth.

    Please note that while this is technically possible, you’d be hard pressed to find a reason to do the transfer beyond saying: deploy the image with the original medium and capture the image using the new medium. This is because, as I said, it’s technically possible, you will probably have a faster and easier time just doing the deploy from original and capture with new.

    Of course this is FOG, and we’re going to be more biased toward using FOG.