Setting up unmodifiable DHCP server across rooms/switches..

  • We want to set up a FOG server for capturing and deploying images for remote configuration of all of our school lab PCs within 6 rooms/ labs with 20 hosts each room. This is for a school project.

    Fog server uses dnsmasq, and a dhcp proxy solution, to receive and send dhcp information. It doesn’t assign IP info.
    Were working with unmodifiable DHCP.

    Server works as expected but only within one room at a time, where the fog server machine is physically located. (boots into undionly.kpxe via dnamasq dhcp proxy)

    Clients must send a DHCP information request on network boot to the fog server and the FOG server must respond with information for the PXE.

    This DHCP handshake isn’t happening between rooms( PXE-E53: no boot filename found).

    Suspecting the switches are not relaying the DHCP request to the fog server correctly. Either the request isn’t going beyond the switch in the room or the core switch isn’t relaying the request back to the fog server.

    Each lab has its own dell n2048p switch, that all connect to another switch that then goes to the DHCP server.

    Need user and password for the switches to access the settings, we currently don’t have a way to access switch settings.

  • Senior Developer

    @NubCake69 Are all the rooms on the same subnet? On the same VLAN?

    From what we know so far I would think you are right, the switches need to relay the DHCP packets. No way to solve this unless you have access to the switch settings.