• Hello,

    I need some help, I’m about to throw my computer out the window.

    I’ve installed FOG on Ubuntu in vmware and have server 2003 at the moment doing my DHCP.

    everything so far has gone really well, small issues with Mysql and some other stuff but nothing I couldn’t solve by poking around on the internet. Untill now.

    I’ve gotten up to the point of uploading an image from an XP on the the server, Then deploying it on the same computer that I used to upload the image. I followed the instructions from this tutorial —> [media=youtube]fkeLGOsIKzc[/media]

    Now at first everything was smooth, Uploaded the image no problem and deployed it on the SAME xp virtual machine, no problem. I even deleted a file before reimaging it to make sure it worked, and it did. It imaged and all was well so I decided to create a fresh VM with NO OS ([B][U]Fresh[/U][/B]) to boot through PXE and install the image as I did the first time.

    It didn’t work.

    The details of the fresh vm are identical to the settings on the one I imaged in regardes to memory and HD space.

    Basically what happens is that I choose to deploy to the host, Start up the fresh vm, boot through my network card. It starts to load fog/kernel/bzImage then passes through to the second screen where the little fog logo in white is on he top left of the screen and then it just restarts itself. I can’t catch what any of it says cause it goes by way too fast. I don’t understand why I’m not able to deploy the image taken from another XP vm and deploy it on to the fresh what-I-hope-to-be XP vm.

    Can someone help me? I’m going crazy.

  • Developer

    Check the partitions on the drive. when you create a drive in virtual box I don’t know that it formats it in any way. You may need to format the drive to a valid type such as ntfs and then try to deploy again.

    Usually when you push an image to a client and the fog emu pops up but runs by so fast you can’t catch anything, that is because FOG didn’t find a valid drive or partition type to install the os to!

    I made a tutorial on using FOG debug mode to create or delete partitions, I would try setting a partition type and pushing the image again. I know for a fact that Virtual imaging works, I can bot upload and deploy to my virtual machines, but I ALWAYS prepare a disk before I image it!!!

  • Was there ever a resolve to this as I am having the same issue and am not really finding a solution…

  • I really wish someone had answered your question, I am having the same exact problem but with a windows 7 machine. Did you ever figure it out?

  • So here’s an update. I paused the process in VM since there’s an option. On the last screen I get

    Checking Operating System…Windows XP
    Checking CPU cores…1
    Send method…NFS

    Checking Queue…done
    Using storage Node…defaultMember
    Mounting File System…done
    Checking Mounted File System…done
    Starting image push system…done
    Starting image push
    using image: xpvm

    It scrolls down a bit an then I get

    Usage: ntfs-3g [-o option[,…]] <device|image_file> <mount_point>

    Options: ro (read-only mount), remove_hiberfile, Uid=, gid=,
    ro (read-only mount), remove_hiberfile, Uid=, gid=,
    umask=, fmask=, dmask=, streams_interface=.
    Please see the details in the manual (type: man ntfs-3g).
    Example: ntfs-3g /dev/sda1 /mnt/windows

    Ntfs-3g news, support and information: [url][/url]
    unmount: Can’t unmount /ntfs:Invalid argument

    *updating computer Database statuse

    *database updated

    *task complete, restarting machine

    That’s what I get. all of it. it restarts itself with no image loaded leaving me with “could not read from the boot medium! system halted”

    So whats going on guys. why won’t it load up.