• Not a problem now but thought I’d share. Got a new batch of Dell Optiplex 3080 PCs (3-1-2021). We always use these and I have been using Fog for years to image them. The 3080 would not connect with pix. Using 1.4.4 with 4.1.1 kernel. Updated to 5.10.19 kernel but still nothing. Change windows DHCP 67 ‘bootfile name’ from undionly.kpxe to ipxe.efi and all good. Old Dells still need undionly.

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    @vicl There are a few things here. Yes you need to use a newer kernel with new hardware. 4.1.1 is VERY old. Yes the new hardware are coming uefi only mode. So you will need to switch the boot file to ipxe.efi. The problem with a static dhcp option 67 is that you will need to flip between undionly.kpxe and ipxe.efi depending on the pxe booting hardware. If you have a windows 2012 or newer (or linux) dhcp server there are instructions on how to set it up to support dynamic pxe booting for dhcp option 67.

    Another thing you will run into on the dells is the disk controller mode for uefi. You will need to switch from raid-on mode to ahci mode.

    Now the hidden gotcha that you haven’t found yet. FOG 1.4.4 doesn’t fully support nvme disks. You WILL have issues performance issues with nvme disks while imaging with FOG 1.4.4.